McCall is the pastor of Squires Memorial Presbyterian Church in Norfolk, VA. He has Ph.D. in American church history from Union Theological Seminary. He is also a leader in Presbyterian Pilgrimage, which conducts Christian spiritual retreats. He is actively involved in interfaith programs such as Rumi Forum, Theophilus Club and Nexus Program.

“Hizmet says we need a government of the Constitution, not a government of strong men. We need to have an independent judiciary and we need to have laws that determine what’s permitted and what’s not permitted. And within those laws, people are free.”

“The schools give a good solid education with particular emphasis on technical education. They also teach good citizenship. They teach the students—many of whom are not Muslim—about Islam, but with no sense of trying to convert people to Islam. If you come in as a Christian, you leave as a Christian, but they want you to know what Islam is about at its best.”

“I think the Hizmet Movement represents Islam as an open, tolerant faith, not saying that we are the best and only legitimate religion. They’re not looking down on people of other faiths but welcoming the participation of people of other faiths in national and world life. “

“And my sense of Fethullah Gulen is that he is modeling what he understands to be a true Muslim, which is, I think, very similar to what it would mean to be a good Jew or a good Christian in the public arena.”

“My sense is that Hizmet Movement has no interest, zero interest in being a political party and in taking power, but wants to influence the national conversation and keep it focused on what is good government, particularly good government that fits within the Islamic tradition, but that’s good government anywhere…”