Professor of English, Department of English, Christopher Newport University (CNU), Virginia. She is the Director of CNU Women’s and Gender Studies Program. She completed her Ph.D. in English at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. She teaches Multicultural American Literature, Women’s Literature, Native American Literature. She authored Native American Literature in the South.

“What I like about the Hizmet Movement is its belief and commitment to interfaith dialogue. My feeling is that there isn’t enough of that cross-cultural dialogue.”

“My experience with the Hizmet Movement has been that it is committed to the most idealistic notions of dialogue, education and social justice and not at all really political in its orientation.”

“I think that Mr. Erdogan—if he wants to work with the West and wants to work with countries outside of Turkey—would find a real help and aid in the Hizmet Movement because they’re a catalyst; they make it possible for people who might not know much about Turkey and might not know much about Islam to understand something about the country as well as the religion.”