Donald Daniel taught at Security Studies Program at Georgetown University. He completed his Ph.D. in Political Science at Georgetown University. He served as a special Advisor to the Chairman at the National Intelligence Council. He received National Intelligence Council Awards for Outstanding Contributions and Exceptional Service in 2002. He made over 100 selected public presentations about US defense and naval policies.

“There seems that there are enough movements out there that focus on other than positive values, that want to go out and do things like September 11 or whatever… And instead, here you have a movement that focuses on service, and tolerance. I think that we need – I am very positive about that-movements that other Americans can look to and say; “Look, not all Muslims are bad people and not all Muslims want to go out to kill people. There are lots of good Muslims.” And so, they provide a positive image and I think that is tremendously important. They need to continue doing that.”

“I think Hizmet is somewhat different in the sense that it also talks much more about Math and Science. There is also Islamic education, there is time for that, but as a much broader perspective, and I really like that broader perspective, and my impression is that the education movement and the charity movement, that is one that is also based on tolerance, where maybe some of these other movements are not quite as tolerant.”

“The other part that again I really appreciate is the emphasis on tolerance. Here, I think, people need to advertise Hizmet more or advertise the perspective of the Movement with this idea of tolerance. Because I think that a lot of people, with good reason, don’t always see the Muslims as being especially tolerant. I think that is one of the reasons why sometimes there is a fear because they are afraid of this group, which is not a tolerant group. And, Hizmet gives you a completely different image of the dominant narrative that sometimes shows up on TV.”