Senad Agic

Senad Agic

Dr. Senad Agic is the head imam of the Islamic Association of Bosniaks in North America since 1994. He received Ph.D. in Islamic Studies at the Graduate Theological Foundation. He is also a graduate of the Gazi-Husrev Beg Medresa in Bosnia and the University of Sarajevo. He received the 2004 recipient of the Jalaluddin Rumi Prize in Islamic Studies.

“Mr. Fethullah Gulen’s orientation is in line with the noble Quran and Hadith, with the noble Quran primarily because he is so dedicated to the spread of knowledge, he is so committed to providing everyone with education. So, this gives me a view of him that he started from the first revelation. He understood that the most important prerequisite of any successful Muslim is education, which is ‘Iqra bismi Rabbikallazi khalaq’ ‘Read in the name of God who creates.’”

“His legacy, as far as we can see now, is not going to be the legacy of most of the people, which is mostly in some material form. He is not going to leave behind houses, cars, land. His legacy is a prophetic legacy. Prophets did not leave behind material wealth but they left knowledge.”

“I would like to say that the Muslim community is a big body, but without a head that body does not behave properly. It’s in disbalance. For a long long time, it was lacking the head, the brain. And I think that, at least I feel that this big, huge Muslim body is getting a brain, is getting a mind, is getting a head in the person of Mr. Fethullah Gulen.”