Haim Dov Beliak is the Executive Director at Friends of Jewish Renewal in Poland. He is also the founder and spiritual leader of the HaMifgash (The Gathering), for the adult learners of Jewish learning. He served for 19 years as Chaplain and Hillel Rabbi for The Claremont Colleges.

“I understand that there is a very serious part to the Hizmet Movement, but—listen—the most important thing when you meet somebody from the Gulen Movement is “Would you like some tea? How about some baklava? Let’s build a human relationship.” So, that has been a big part of being a part of this dialogue.”

“Openness, religious openness, and an interest in other people is one of the ways that Islam and especially Hizmet Movement is able to help in repairing the negative images that are so prevalent in Western society.”

“Just the name alone ‘Is Anyone There? Is Anyone Listening? Does Anyone Care?’ is the kind of a serious self-questioning that every religious person has to ask. It’s not a rhetorical question, it’s always a question to one’s self; Am I listening to the voice of the poor? Am I listening to the voice of the people less privileged?”

“Mr. Gulen is not the first person who has had to deal with questions around what he’s teaching and who has been the target of politicians who feel that they can try to manipulate things. So, I’ve been impressed with the way that people have stood with dignity in the face of these questions. It’s not an easy thing to do.”