Safaa Zarzour

Safaa Zarzour

Safaa Zarzour is an attorney and activist. He is the Principal of Zarzour Law Offices. He is also the Chief Operating Officer of Zakat Foundation of America. He previously served as the Secretary General of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). Adjunct professor at Loyola Law School teaching courses in Education and Islamic Law.

“Our world is in need of the Hizmet Movement in every culture, in every place where Muslims exist. Because it provides a good model of what in a group and an association of Muslim should look like.”

“There is always a suspicion about anybody who wants to engage in interfaith. In reality, it is at the heart of our faith… The prophet (s.a.v) asks us to “mercy to mankind, not mercy only to Muslims.” So, the idea becomes especially that, Quran has more than one third of it, talking about other people of other faiths, particularly the people who share with us the scripture and the divine origin of their faith, and have encouraged us to always be in dialogue with them and talk to them. So, to me, interfaith today is returning to what Islam asks us to do in the first place. Islam asks us to do in the first place because there is no other way for our world to exist in peace and to prosper without it.”

“To see all of that as an educator, I really cannot describe it in any other terms that it is a miracle. And it is what we need as Muslims. We need a lot of education, a lot of first-rate institutions that do two things. One, raise that generation of Muslims who focus on production, positive energy, on giving back, serving, learning something for the sake of Allah, and doing something useful with it, benefit humanity. That is really the vision and the philosophy of Hizmet.”