Dirk Ficca is a Presbyterian Minister in Chicago. He is the Executive Director of the Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions. He also directs the Metropolitan Chicago Interreligious Initiative. He teaches at DePaul University, the Lutheran School of Theology, and Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary.

“Every tradition, every religious and spiritual tradition needs a Fethullah Gulen. It needs somebody who, on the one hand, holds onto the essence of the religious tradition without compromise, and, at the same time, helps practitioners of that tradition express it in new contexts, express it as time moves on, express it as human understanding in general increases.”

“I admire him [Fethullah Gulen] so much because he has brought an intellectually credible synthesis of modernity with religious tradition.”

“A phrase I kept hearing over and over again is “solely for the pleasure of God”. I have yet to encounter a Hizmet school named for a donor; I’ve yet to find a Hizmet hospital or community center where it’s named for the person who gave money. And the people—largely the middle-class business people—who are providing the millions of dollars for the Movement, they don’t want credit. They don’t want anybody to know that they’ve given this money. In fact, in a way, they see it as diminishing the spirit of generosity if they get some side benefit from getting some accolades for giving the money.”