Peggy Price is a Minister Emeritus since 2011 at the Seal Beach Center for Spiritual Living. She previously served as a minister at United Centers for Spiritual Living and at the Huntington Beach Church of Religious Science. She is a founding member of Greater Huntington Beach Interfaith Council and Ambassador. In addition, she joined with Spiritual and Religious Alliance for Hope (SARAH) in 2008.

The teachings of Fethullah Gulen and his encouragement of tolerance and of nonviolence and of really learning and listening to one another, it is a very powerful teaching. I find that it is a message that I resonate with personally very deeply. And I think many people around the world who are peace builders or peace makers would also resonate with this teaching of the Hizmet Movement.

To me, this [Gulen] is a teacher of great love and great good. I believe he is a teacher for all people, not only the Islamic people but for people everywhere because his message is one that if we lived this way, we would have a world of peace, and we would have a world that works for everyone.

“The first time that I heard the passage from the Quran and I don’t know if I can quote it exactly; ‘I have made you all of different nations and tribes so that you may learn to know each other.’ I think that is what I have seen with the way in which the people of the Hizmet Movement, the people of Pacifica Institute go about sharing who they are with all of us.”

The voice of the Hizmet Movement in today’s world is very necessary. It is really needed. The voice of organizations that are concerned with the good of humanit, the good of humankind. And the Hizmet Movement is definitely concerned about that. It is a voice that is concerned with tolerance and the recognition that all people not only all the people of Turkey, but all people, are essentially part of one human family in spite of our many differences.