Dr. Margaret Johnson is a sociologist, statistician, and a businesswoman in Virginia. She has M.A and Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Texas at Austin. She is the CEO of Transfirex Translation Services, Inc. She is also a Senior Research Associate for the Institute of Islamic and Turkish Studies in Virginia.

The Hizmet Movement really has a different kind of character to it, and it very much takes individual approach. So, it is looking to reform society not by entering politics or changing laws or institutions but really by reforming the individual. And this is kind of a very unique approach.

“When they go out in the world, first of all, they are modeling an ideal Islamic character.”

“A lot of times Hizmet gets called an education movement, but it is not an education movement just because it has schools. It is an education movement because it believes this is how you change the world. You start with developing the human being, the child, the adult, wherever they are in life. You meet them where they are.”

“… what Hocaefendi says is, you can live your Islamic character, your Islamic values, your Islamic way of life now; you can do it now regardless of what the particular governmental structure is you are living under. So, in this way it is also unique. It is not a political movement, and this kind of separates it from other kind of movements. It doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a reformation, or reform, but the vision is very different, and this is really important.”