Elizabeth Munisoglu

Elizabeth Munisoglu, J.D.

Elizabeth Munisoglu is a Commissioner at State of California Superior Court, Los Angeles County. She received her Juris Doctor degree from Pepperdine University School of Law in 1988. Munisoglu specialized in criminal law, and served as the Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney for 18 years.

Reflecting back on her experience as a judge and prosecutor, Elizabeth Munisoğlu uses strong references such as George Washington and Alexis de Tocqueville in vouching for the principle that separation of powers is “essential for a democracy to function efficiently and fairly.” Judge Munisoğlu warns that “The absolute power of any majority to do whatever without any check leads to disastrous consequences.”

Munisoğlu concentrates on principles like term limits, separation of power, independent judiciary, freedom of press, and the importance of a clearly defined notion of ‘national security’ in order to establish a fully functioning and healthy democracy run by elected officials who fulfill their responsibilities.

“The judiciary’s role is to see that the protection of the rest of the population that’s not a part of the majority is maintained and enforced.”

“I think term limits are important to the extent that they prevent a majority from becoming entrenched in power.”

“The right of a free press is the bulwark against intrusions onto personal liberty.”

“If the term national security means a threat to the continued performance of certain elected politicians in office, then it is not national security really; it is their positions in power that is being threatened.”

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